Baked goods

Baked goods

Our daily bread at the EPI in Wrocław has around 200 versions and arrives from more than 27 bakeries.

There is such a large selection waiting for customers at the bread stand every day because everyone likes different breads. The bread stand also offers around 40 different buns and sweet buns.

Good bread in Wrocław

For some, the ideal is artisanal sourdough rye bread with a crispy crust. Others fell in love with a fragrant, buttery challah.

Still others have switched to alternative breads on buckwheat poppy seeds, corn, millet, rice, amaranth…

About 200 types of baked goods in EPI’s Wrocław store are simply the breads and rolls that Wrocław residents love and enjoy the most. After all, everything starts with bread!

How do we choose bread for you?

With EPI, you don’t have to visit local artisan bakeries scattered all over Poland.

We order high quality bakery products from bakeries in Wrocław, Lower Silesia and even Podlasie. We bring to Wrocław the most delicious breads in Poland, also made in the traditional way from ecological flours.