Diet desserts that taste good? We’ve taken up the challenge! We invited clinical dietitian Małgorzata Gajewczyk to work with us, who created recipes for really tasty desserts for people on diets.

Based on balanced recipes, we have created delicacies that can be enjoyed on a ketogenic or sugar-free diet. For these and other innovations, visit the café at the EPI in Wrocław.

Fit and keto desserts at EPI

Developed by a dietician, dietary desserts are made in an artisanal manner in our confectionery workshop in Bielany Wrocławskie. Our hit are the KETO cones with peanut butter, sold by the piece, and the sugar-free chocolate cones with xylitol and erythrol. To take away, we can pack for you tapioca puddings with strawberry mousse, yoghurts with chia and mango or a heavenly-tasting but slimmed-down tiramisu – all prepared according to a nutritionist’s recipe and bearing the “EPI’s own product” label. If you fancy dessert on the spot, visit the café for a relaxing moment accompanied by a good coffee. The wide range of dairy drinks on which we make cappuccino or caffe latte will delight lactose-intolerant visitors.