Own products

You don’t have to be a chef to serve healthy and delicious dishes. EPI’s own products are perfect for large parties, business events, intimate family parties and everyday meals. European classics, Polish hits and flavor innovations. A total of over 300 ready meals, cakes and meat products, which we prepare every day in our craft workshop in Bielany Wrocławskie.


EPI Wrocław has a permanent offer of as many as 130 different confectionery products with the prestigious “EPI’s own product” label! The most famous of these are the light yoghurt cheesecakes, loved not only by those who care about their diet. We love our refreshing cakes with seasonal fruit as well as our classic napoleons and angel wings. We are proud of our mini-cakes – artistically decorated canapes. A variety of plum cakes, mazurek cakes, poppy seed cakes, yeast cakes, small butter cakes, puff pastries and shortcrust pastries – we strive to satisfy the most demanding palates.

All the sweets, available from EPI, are created by a team of several passionate confectioners in our confectionery workshop in Bielany Wrocławskie.

Because we are committed to artisanal production processes, confectionery arrives at EPI in several deliveries, 2-3 times a day. After all, confectionery requires the right time and precision, and we respect traditional baking while also ensuring safety. In this way, we also ensure the absolute freshness of our sweets.

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Ready-made meals

EPI’s ready meals are based on the best recipes from Polish, European and world cuisine. We select them so as to hit the diverse culinary tastes of the people of Wrocław.

A Greek salad full of summer flavours, Japanese surimi or tropical salsa, for example, will be perfect for a gathering with friends. For small and large hunger pangs, the beef patties, minced meatballs and De Volaille prepared by our chefs in an artisanal manner and using quality meat are perfect. EPI’s youngest customers love our pancakes and pierogi (we have around 20 types). We also introduce many novelties, hitting the tastes of vegetarians and vegans, people with intolerances and on gluten-free, keto or vegetable diets.

We are constantly amazed by culinary innovations. We keep an eye on them to see if you like them too. Recently, we’ve all taken a liking to such novelties as the melt-in-the-mouth liver and apple pierogi and the poppy seed pancakes filled with a tasty, milky stuffing with roasted walnuts. Delicious!

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For everyday and special occasions – EPI customers are delighted by the workmanship cold cuts, pâtés and roasted meats with the “EPI’s own product” label. We produce them in the traditional way in our workshop in Wrocław and also roast them directly at the meat counter. Naturally all of this is done without artificial flavours and flavour-enhancers.

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