The EPI team is our pride!

EPI’s unique brand is made up of more than 200 people with exceptional competence and passion for the trade. Many of our employees have been with us for years. Example? It turns out that every 7th person on our staff has been with us since the company’s inception, or 27 years! This is a record result! As a result, we are a close-knit team, and employees – co-creators of EPI’s success – have a sense of security and stability.

Young employees joining the EPI team quickly “catch on” to our style of work, which is all about friendliness, openness to customers’ needs and professional advice. Customers appreciate the expertise of EPI’s salespeople, who are experts on their booth’s product mix. With many customers – as a crew – we know each other well, after all, we have accompanied your families for several generations already – from grandparents to grandchildren. We are more than suited to cater to your sense of taste and style.

Working at EPI

Thank you for your interest in working at EPI. You have the opportunity to join an exceptional team of passionate good food and retailers. By working at EPI, you will develop your professional competencies and experience a unique work culture. EPI employment means security and stability. New employees can look forward to growth, new challenges and the satisfaction of being part of a fantastic team. We ask for commitment and responsibility in return. Because together we are creating a unique place in Wrocław – a unique EPI deli.

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