About EPI

With the aspiration to combine the pleasure of shopping, meeting friends and a welcoming, almost home atmosphere – EPI, a unique shop in the heart of Wrocław, was born. We have been present on the Wrocław market for almost 30 years. We have gained a group of wonderful customers. Every day, we try to work for their recognition. Today, EPI is a place permanently inscribed on the map of our city. A Polish brand associated with the highest quality products, reliable service, and friendly staff.

Let’s meet at EPI!

EPI Store

  • News

    Thinking about the taste and high requirements of the inhabitants of Wrocław, we have created the "EPI own product" brand.

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  • Special orders

    For your needs, we have opened a production plant in Wrocławskie Bielany, where every day we work on the highest quality products.

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  • History of EPI

    It is not an art to sell something that has been produced by others. The real challenge is to convince yourself to a product that you have created yourself.

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Fresh, tasty and balanced meals at your fingertips? Yes! In Wrocław’s EPI (right next to the entrance) there is a cafe that serves healthy salads, slow-pressed juices, desserts, as well as dietary and even energy porridge from the morning.

There are, of course, sandwiches, although it would be fair to say that these are real variations on sandwiches, so many types of bread and toppings we use to prepare them.

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Special orders

Special orders in Wrocław at the highest level can be found at EPI. We are known in Wrocław for our exceptional range of our own products, made in an artisanal way and from natural ingredients. That’s more than 140 ready-made dishes and about 130 cakes, canapes and cakes, always fresh, made from scratch every day at the workshop in Bielany Wrocławskie. Our delicatessen offerings are made without flavour enhancers and artificial flavours, from the best products, with attention to the richness of nutrients. Until now, we have sold the famous “EPI’s own products” at the store on ul. Komandorska. Now we offer in-house catering, both business and personal.

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