Ready-made meals

EPI’s ready meals are based on the best recipes from Polish, European and world cuisine. We select them so as to hit the diverse culinary tastes of the people of Wrocław.

A Greek salad full of summer flavours, Japanese surimi or tropical salsa, for example, will be perfect for a gathering with friends. For small and large hunger pangs, the beef patties, minced meatballs and De Volaille prepared by our chefs in an artisanal manner and using quality meat are perfect. EPI’s youngest customers love our pancakes and pierogi (we have around 20 types). We also introduce many novelties, hitting the tastes of vegetarians and vegans, people with intolerances and on gluten-free, keto or vegetable diets.

We are constantly amazed by culinary innovations. We keep an eye on them to see if you like them too. Recently, we’ve all taken a liking to such novelties as the melt-in-the-mouth liver and apple pierogi and the poppy seed pancakes filled with a tasty, milky stuffing with roasted walnuts. Delicious!

Modernity, but also tradition!

When creating ready-made dishes under the “EPI Own Product” brand, we are still very much faithful to Polish cuisine.

For years, we have been collecting and perfecting traditional recipes that make our ready-made dishes the ideal of home cooking. Our chefs share the best flavours from their childhood. The authentic recipe from the family home is used to create, for example, the apples in robe loved by children.

Polish dishes require experience, skill and sometimes a lot of time. EPI’s bigos, for example, begins with the selection of naturally sauerkraut, then EPI chefs create it over many hours according to traditional artisanship. There is no room for compromise here.

The biggest compliment? Many Wrocław residents cannot imagine the holidays without our vegetable salad, pierogi or bigos from EPI. This means that we accompany you to your most important moments, and this is our greatest honour and reason to be proud.

Seasonal and healthy!

At EPI, just like at home, we love seasonal cuisine.

That’s why dishes appear at different times of the year, using the best of nature. We prepare them, delighting in the freshness and richness of what farmers harvest from the fields.

In spring, for example, we introduce asparagus-based soups and salads. In the summer heat, you come to us for Spanish gazpacho and the Polish cold soup with beet leaves.

In autumn, tarts and soups based on fresh pumpkin are a hit. Some of these products are making their way onto the permanent menu of ready-made dishes, under the name “EPI’s own product”, totals as many as 150 dishes!