At EPI we care about quality, so we select the best fish for our customers! We import Jurassic salmon, organically farmed (GMO-free, in clean geothermal water without heavy metals, dioxins, etc.). The gilt-head bream or bass we sell have similar organic farming certificates. Customers come to EPI’s fish stall for fresh tuna steaks, merlin, scallops, octopus, or prawns…

To be sure that the fish planned on the menu is currently available, just call us. We also accept individual orders. And we pack purchased fresh fish on request in ice, free of charge of course.

Trout, whitefish, and vendace

The freshwater fish wealth at the EPI stand opens with the famous trout from Kotlina Kłodzka, which is also certified as an organic product.

The Barycz valley carp, for which the region is famous, is a daily and festive dish here. Smoked vendace, whitefish from the Masuria region?

Of course, provided they are smoked using natural methods!

Herring prepared in many ways

We counted! In total, we have herring at the fish stand in 20 variants.

That’s how many herring salads the people of Wrocław buy from us. The choice ranges from classic herring in oil and cream, through curry herring with pineapple to the hit “EPI’s own product” – herring in ginger.

Twice a week, for example, you can also order our original tarts on handmade puff pastry with prawns or salmon.