About our store

With the aspiration to combine the pleasure of shopping, meeting friends and a welcoming, almost home atmosphere – EPI, a unique shop in the heart of Wrocław, was born. We have been present on the Wrocław market for almost 30 years. We have gained a group of wonderful customers. Every day, we try to work for their recognition. Today, EPI is a place permanently inscribed on the map of our city. A Polish brand associated with the highest quality products, reliable service, and friendly staff.

Let’s meet at EPI!

We have a principle: EPI customers should be able to stock up on everything they need in one place.

Your expectations and choices determine what we have on the shelves.

You decide – by voting with your baskets every day, i.e. by filling them with your favourite products. We are interested in what you find tasteful, what you like, what our customers are looking for.

We discuss this with you every day in an almost family-like atmosphere. We advise, we listen, we take comments… We try to bring in new products that you think should be on our shelves!

That’s why we can boldly say that we create a shop together.

Comfortable shopping in Wrocław? With the experts!

At EPI, we believe that shopping is supposed to be convenient!

Free trolleys, comfortable parking at the entrance of the shop, friendly lighting, low shelves, comfortable aisles, many products in a small space – all this makes everyone feel comfortable at EPI.

We don’t attack customers with marketing tricks, which is why, for example, we do not reposition the products in the shop. Instead, we invest in service!

Our staff are culinary experts who can help you with ingredient selection as well as menu planning for family or company parties.