BIO/EKO products

Organic food, also known as bio or eco, is the fastest growing department at EPI in Wrocław. We have organic counterparts for almost every type of food on our shelves. So there are organic flours, pastas, cereals and bio-vegetables or organic juices, and even organic meats, cured meats and regional organic cheeses.

Organic food throughout EPI

Due to the abundance of organic offer, we consciously did not set aside a special eco-stand within the store. Organic products simply stand on EPI shelves next to other foods, and you decide whether you want eco-carrots, organic mayonnaise, organic coffee or bio-bananas. This is in line with our philosophy not to decide for the customer, but to give them a choice and offer everything they need. However, we notice that interest in organic food at EPI is growing, which is why we have so much of it.

Organic bread in Wrocław

How do we choose organic bread at EPI? We source organic products that are both healthy and tasty for our customers. The basis for this, of course, is a certificate guaranteeing that the organic bread has been made from organic raw materials and that flour grown in the traditional way without the use of fertilisers and pesticides has been used. We scour the length and breadth of Poland for you in search of breads that will delight our customers and are organic.

Come in for tasty breads, baked from buckwheat, millet, potato, or flax flour. It’s worth calling or asking at the bread stall when the various gluten-free breads arrive. It’s worth it, because they sell out like fresh wheat buns.

Organic gluten-free and sugar-free foods

At EPI, we have separate shelves for people who are on exclusion diets and cannot consume gluten or sugar, for example. Thanks to us, they can compose tasty, varied and safe meals. Not only people with food intolerances come to EPI to shop, but also those with celiac disease or diabetes. For them, we import certified gluten-free foods and a variety of sugar substitutes. For people with celiac disease, we have tested foods that do not have even traces of gluten in them.