Ready-made meals

Ready-made meals

You don’t have to cook to eat healthy and tasty! More than 150 types of ready meals await you at EPI, which we prepare every day in an artisanal way, carefully selecting the ingredients. Dumplings, noodles, pancakes, łazanki, soups, meatballs, cutlets, salads, raw salads…

Everything you buy under the “EPI’s own product” brand, we prepare as if we were cooking for your closest and most important guests.

Pierogi from EPI Wrocław – what do you know about them?

Pierogi and pancakes – already iconic in Wrocław – are created using only the best ingredients.

The organic eggs that form the basis of cakes, dumplings, salads and stuffings come to EPI from the unspoilt areas of the Notecka Forest. High-quality butter for our ready meals, on the other hand, is imported all the way from the Podlasie region, and artisanal cheeses for our pancakes are made from 60 years of tradition.

The best salads in Wrocław

Good taste depends on the details!

That’s why we mix all our salads by hand. We have withdrawn industrial solutions precisely out of concern for taste. You already know why EPI’s famous vegetable salad tastes like it was freshly chopped at home (or better).

From vegetable salad to salsa and surimi salad, we use a mayonnaise that is produced especially for us, with a natural recipe and no added flavours. For us, taste matters!