So many of the best quality cheeses are found nowhere else in Wrocław. The abundance and variety of European cheeses means that every EPI customer will find the right taste for them.

We will help you organise a feast on the scale of an Italian trattoria or a French winery.

We will facilitate the preparation of European dishes using regionally produced products from Italy, France, Spain. You will fall in love with the medal-winning Lower Silesian sheep and goat cheeses. What cheese do you fancy today?

300 types of cheese at EPI!

Among them are original French brie or Roquefort cheeses, Italian gorgonzola, top-quality mozzarella di bufala campana, long-ripened parmesans, Swiss Emmentaler, Dutch gouda, English cheddars.

It’s impossible to list them all.

Come and see if we have your favourite cheese! If not – we will try to order it!

Artisanal sheep and goat cheeses from Lower Silesia

We bring you the best goat’s and sheep’s milk products, produced in the traditional way in Lower Silesia. Is it hard to believe that there are often more sheep grazing in the local mountains than in the Podhale region?

Lower Silesian artisans produce cheeses that are like works of art!

No wonder they win medals and are served to heads of state during official visits to Poland. It is these cheeses that win the appreciation of Wrocław citizens.