For everyday and special occasions – EPI customers are delighted by the workmanship cold cuts, pâtés and roasted meats with the “EPI’s own product” label. We produce them in the traditional way in our workshop in Wrocław and also roast them directly at the meat counter. Naturally all of this is done without artificial flavours and flavour-enhancers.

Workmanship pâtés and cold cuts in Wrocław

Who has the time these days to roast pâtés and make cold cuts themselves at home? On the other hand, we are keen to eat healthy, without unnecessary flavour-enhancers, artificial flavours and food preservatives.

This is why the ready-made food with the “EPI’s own product” label is so popular. We are the ones who take all the trouble to make home-made pâtés and roast meats, but in an honest way, i.e. without using enhancers, artificial flavours, substitutes or fillers.

Traditional recipes, workmanship methods and high quality ingredients! This is how we make, for example, aromatic pâtés with cranberries, with sun-dried tomatoes and with edible boletes. Every day we conjure up several types of delicious turkey roulades for you, stuffed with feta and spinach, cranberries, mushrooms or white sausage.

We also roast pork loin and turkey breast stuffed with apricots and plums, which are among the favourite cold cuts sold at the EPI meat stall.

Rotisserie at EPI

A quick dinner or perhaps a family party – the rotisserie meats you buy at EPI in Wrocław work well in such different situations. The classics are, of course, the author’s seasoned rotisserie chickens, sold whole and in parts, which we roast daily and sell fresh and hot at the meat counter.

The pork knuckle, roasted on site, are also a hit and literally melt in your mouth. Customers order exquisite duck stuffed with apples from us for parties and dinners. They are cooked fresh and can be served straight to the table or reheated in the oven.

The best goose for Saint Martin’s Day

In the autumn and winter season, you will get a real delicacy at EPI – roast goose, which is considered to be the most noble meat among poultry. EPI’s customers are particularly keen to order geese before 11 November because, as is well known, “the best goose is on Saint Martin’s Day”.

Traditionally, geese are served at this time because of the breeding cycle. Polish goose meat is very popular in Western Europe, with the French and Germans eating it. EPI customers also appreciate the flavour of goose. Thanks to us, however, they do not have to make breakneck attempts to roast a whole goose in the home oven. Juicy and delicious EPI goose is a great idea for a dinner party”.