Do you love all things green, chopped, and crunchy, but don’t have time to compose salads? At the EPI Café, we prepare tasty salads fresh, without added preservatives, but rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein. Our salads ensure that you have a ready-made and effortless fresh lunch to take with you or eat on the spot. For delicious salad creations, visit the café at the entrance to the shop – open from early morning. During the day, we create them on the fly so that salad fans get the best quality and taste.

High-protein salads

We take care of the high protein content! That is why in our salads (depending on the composition) you will find organic eggs, shrimp, dairy, artisanally roasted turkey meat or edamame, a source of protein for vegetarians. We combine protein-packed ingredients with the healthiest leafy vegetables.

We also reach for the tastiest seasonal vegetables and even fresh fruit to match the style of a particular salad. To crank up the flavour and increase vitamin absorption, salads are accompanied by proprietary dressings, prepared fresh and from scratch at EPI.