EPI Wrocław has a permanent offer of as many as 130 different confectionery products with the prestigious “EPI’s own product” label! The most famous of these are the light yoghurt cheesecakes, loved not only by those who care about their diet. We love our refreshing cakes with seasonal fruit as well as our classic napoleons and angel wings. We are proud of our mini-cakes – artistically decorated canapes. A variety of plum cakes, mazurek cakes, poppy seed cakes, yeast cakes, small butter cakes, puff pastries and shortcrust pastries – we strive to satisfy the most demanding palates.

All the sweets, available from EPI, are created by a team of several passionate confectioners in our confectionery workshop in Bielany Wrocławskie.

Because we are committed to artisanal production processes, confectionery arrives at EPI in several deliveries, 2-3 times a day. After all, confectionery requires the right time and precision, and we respect traditional baking while also ensuring safety. In this way, we also ensure the absolute freshness of our sweets.

Festive cakes – at EPI in Wrocław

It is impossible not to mention the range of baked goods on offer for Christmas and Easter.

The sight of a long queue in front of the EPI is a daily bread during the festive period. We assure you, however, that the queue moves very smoothly. In addition, we take early sign-ups for festive cakes. We also make available in advance lists of the baked goods that can be ordered from us.

Customers have been coming back to us for years for their favourite festive fruitcakes, long-aged gingerbread, poppy seed roulades, lemon Easter cake or sweet dulce de leche mazurek pies. And we are delighted that they have once again placed their trust in us and invited us to their festive tables.

Sugar-free, gluten-free cakes and natural products

We make sure that our cakes are made from natural products, without the addition of raising agents or flavour enhancers. What has become fashionable now, has been with us at EPI for a long time.

We grow with the needs of our customers! We have a regular range of gluten-free baked goods, keto and fit cakes, as well as vegan cakes and vegetable-based cakes.

There will also be sugar-free sweets for diabetics. Because we create everything ourselves, we adapt to our customers’ needs on an ongoing basis, but we are not afraid to experiment and offer what we consider to be the highest quality. Together with our customers, we are creating a new dimension in confectionery.