Special orders

Ordering catering sets from EPI Wrocław is a guarantee that the party menu will be at the highest level. Ready-made sets are ideal for all kinds of family celebrations, such as baptisms, communions, birthdays and weddings. Fresh and delicious compositions are prepared to be served to the table. Thanks to us, organizing events does not require complicated shopping and tedious preparation of food. Catering sets from EPI are also a convenient solution when you are planning a gathering with friends or a corporate event.

For the convenience of EPI Wrocław customers, we have prepared ‍5 ready-made catering sets‍. They can be ordered:
– personally in our store
– by phone 887 277 772 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
– by email catering@epi.com.pl
We need 2 days to prepare the catering sets, so please place your orders early enough. Payment for the ordered sets is made on delivery. In exceptional situations, we reserve the right to change the components to others of the same standard, of course, after consultation with the ordering party.

Catering sets:

  • Catering set – platter with pastes and vegetables

    • Carrot
    • Celery
    • Hummus
    • Pumpkin hummus
    • Pepper hummus
    • Sunflower-pepper paste
    • Sunflower-tomato paste
    • Sunflower and kale paste
    • Crispy spelt crispbread (Melvit)
    • Crispy vegetable breads with beetroot (Danvita)
    • Red pepper
    • Yellow pepper
    • Green pepper
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  • Catering set – cheese and cured meats

    • Parma ham 200g
    • Salami with pepper 250g
    • French dried sausage Auvergne 140g
    • L’Ortolan brie cheese with truffles 135g
    • Camembert Royal cheese (Ermitage) 125g
    • Lazur Złocisty blue cheese 200g
    • Landana cheese with green pesto 200g
    • Landana cheese with red pesto 200g
    • Puff pastry fingers 100g
    • Spelt crispbread 130g
    • Crispy vegetable flat bread with beet 130g
    • Grapes 200g
    • Cranberry jam 300g
    • Dried apricots 150g
    • Green olives with almonds 140g
    • Black olives 140g
    • Cashew nuts 100g
    • Pecan nuts 100g
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  • Catering set – sandwiches and pastes

    • 4 sandwiches with cranberry pate “EPI’s own product” and pickled cucumber
    • 3 sandwiches with Parma ham, camembert cheese and sun-dried tomatoes
    • 4 sandwiches with salmon, dill and horseradish sauce
    • 3 sandwiches with blue cheese and nuts
    • Sunflower paste with tomatoes – in a 150g jar
    • Sunflower paste with peppers – in a 150g jar
    • Cottage cheese paste with tuna – in a 150g jar
    • Puff pastry fingers with olives 100g
    • Carrots cut into matchsticks 350g
    • Sliced red peppers 300g
    • Cucumbers cut into matchsticks 500g
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  • Catering set – fresh fruit

    • Galia melon 500g
    • Kumquat 120g
    • Mango 1pc.
    • Red grapes 800g
    • Watermelon about 1.5kg
    • Kiwi gold 2pcs.
    • Pitaya / dragon fruit 2pcs.
    • Pomegranate 1pc.
    • Kiwano 1pc.
    • Pineapple 1pc.
    • Fig 2pcs.
    • Papaya 0.65kg
    • Strawberries 0.6kg
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  • Catering set – cake platter

    • Cantucci almond 200g
    • Cantucci chocolate 200kg
    • Macaroons with filling/almon 120g
    • Jewish macaroons 100g
    • Peanut macaroons 200g
    • Keto cones 200g
    • Chocolate cones 100g
    • Baci dama 160g
    • Bachelorette cupcakes 4pcs.
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