Fresh Polish meat arrives daily at EPI, where it is carefully selected and portioned by our experienced butchers. We sell meat that has been cleaned and properly portioned according to the culinary arts.

You will get from us, for example, properly sliced meat for steaks and marinated meats for the barbecue. We sell poultry, pork, and beef, of course, but also veal, seasoned lamb, rabbits, ducks and, during festive periods, fresh geese. On request, we portion, tenderize, grind the meat, also for tartars and cut for Carpaccio.

Cured meats taste like homemade as they are made at EPI

No flavour enhancers or unnecessary chemicals – we prepare our roast meats and pâtés the way we would like to eat them ourselves. Healthy!

At the meat stall you will find a large selection of home-made pâtés. We naturally roast the meats we sell whole and sliced (pork loin, bacon, stuffed turkey breast and roulades). EPI also has a rotisserie where we roast chickens (portioned and whole) daily.

At the meat counter you will also order roast duck and turkey, and seasonally also goose. Meat and cured meats are vacuum-packed on request.

European cuisine classics and Polish signature meals

Genuine matured hams are stored with care with us so that they retain their flavour. Other European classics available at EPI are, of course, salami, chorizo, pancetta, speck, foie gras, mortadella and many more.

Together with us, you can compose the perfect platter of cold cuts for a variety of occasions. We mix European classics with Polish signature meals. We sell maturing hams, roast beef, or dried domestic beef. You can buy 100% wild boar kabanos and sausages and other artisanal sausage products.

At the meat stall you will also find meat substitutes for vegetarians and vegetable pâtés.