Vegetables and fruits at EPI in Wrocław impress with the richness of the offer. You almost feel like you’re at a local market, choosing from 600 types of products, with locally grown fruits and vegetables leading the way. Tomatoes, cucumbers, plums, apples, raspberries, strawberries – anything that grows and ripens close to us has the highest nutritional value, and it is healthier for the environment to transport as well. That’s why we import basic vegetables and fruits grown in Poland from proven Lower Silesian farms.

We deliver fresh fruits and vegetables every day!

Three o’clock in the morning is the beginning of the work of our fruit and vegetable experts. While you’re probably still fast asleep , EPI employees are out picking up fresh produce directly from farms and fruit and vegetable markets. All this is done to select the best quality fruits and vegetables for EPI customers. We bring them to our market every day!

Organic vegetables and fruits in Wrocław

Carrots, parsley, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbages, onions, apples or pears – most of our fruits and vegetables are also organic. We work only with verified suppliers of organic food, who undergo the legally required certification and use, for example, the Euroleaf mark, awarded for organic farming by the European Commission.

Vegetables and fruits from around the world at EPI

Asian lemongrass, tropical mangosteen, Chinese kumquat, snakeskin fruit that grows in Bali, or perhaps an okra fruit that comes from Africa – at EPI in Wrocław you will find vegetables and fruits brought from the remotest corners of the world. Customers come to us for a variety of hot peppers or lettuces from all over the world. We can go on and on. It’s even popular advice in Wrocław that if you need exotic products in your kitchen, instead of looking for them in various specialty stores, just go to EPI.