For fans of liquid fruit and vegetables, we at EPI have fresh fruit and vegetable juices from a slow juicer. You probably know that these juices do not lose their nutritional value and are good for your health and beauty. You just don’t always have the time to prepare them at home.

Juices (slow pressed)

With us, you don’t have to compose them yourself to ensure an optimum dose of easily digestible vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. We prepare balanced fresh fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies for our customers and sell them on site and for takeaway in the EPI café, located right next to the shop entrance.

Fresh juices from a nutritionist

The composition of the juices was developed especially for us by clinical nutritionist Małgorzata Gajewczyk. In the chlorophyll juice, for example, she combined cucumber and kale with ginger, parsley, orange, and mint. A juice full of energy is a mix of beetroot, carrots, raspberries, orange and maca. Other combinations include pineapple with walnut, spinach with kiwi, raspberries with pineapple and coconut water or blueberries with kale. You can take your squeezed juices with you to work, packed in glass bottles, or drink them on the spot. You can check the composition of the juices at the refrigerated counter in our café before they are blended. And if you fancy a juicer classic, you are also welcome to visit the café for orange and carrot or beetroot and apple juices, or others of your own composition.