The best wines on EPI shelves

Around a thousand quality wines from all over the world – that’s the extensive choice available to customers of the EPI in Wrocław. Wine lovers can organise family parties, romantic dinners, company balls and tastings of iconic wines with us.

Come and get the best ones. For example, we offer Burgundy Chablis Grand Cru Chateau Grenouilles 2018, Tuscan Tignanello 2019 and Rosso di Montalcino 2016, Spanish Muga Rioja from 2014.

In our store, you can also buy champagnes from Dom Perignon, Moët & Chandon and many more.

Polish wines are growing in popularity!

At EPI, we are following the trend for domestic wines and bringing the most interesting spirits from Polish vineyards to the shop.

The warming climate means the number of vine fields are growing in Poland. EPI customers are delighted with the Solaris wines from the Turnau vineyard, among others. Esteemed wines are imported from the Adoria and Jaworek vineyards near Wrocław and from the De Sas vineyard in the Barycz Valley. If it’s a Riesling, how about one from Jaworzyna Śląska, where Silesian is located?

For meat, on the other hand, we will recommend a Regent from the famous Trzebnickie Hills.

All spirits and beers you can think of

From absinthe to żubrówka – at the liquor stand too, we are true to our motto: we sell what customers want to buy. This is why we import both artisanal vodkas from small Polish distilleries and world-class rums (including Don Papa, Ron Zacapa, Dictator). On the shelves of the EPI in Wrocław, we have native liqueurs, moonshines, and plum brandies, but also original Japanese sake or 34-times-distilled vodka from Sweden. With the growing popularity of non-alcoholic beverages, the shelf of alcohol-free wine and beer is expanding at EPI. We even offer alcohol-free vermouth, whisky, and gin.

The most expensive beverage in town?

At EPI we have on offer the only bottle of Hennessy Ellipse cognac, considered one of the most expensive spirits of all time. A handmade glass decanter filled with 2006 cognac currently costs 49 thousand zlotys. Other rarities? Winston Churchill’s favourite whisky aged in a Spanish oak sherry cask (PLN 4600) or a 25-year-old Dalmore whisky (PLN 5650).