Catering set – platter with pastes and vegetables

A platter of pastas and vegetables is the perfect catering set for vegetarians and all fans of healthy snacks. Here we have combined ready-to-serve vegetables with a selection of pastes that we prepare in our culinary workshop in Bielany Wrocławskie. Carrots, celery or peppers of all colours cut into matchsticks go perfectly with sunflower pastes. We make them in 3 flavours, combining sunflower with tomatoes, peppers or kale. When it comes to platter of pastes, we had to obligatorily put our hummus on it, in classic, pumpkin and pepper versions. We make all the pastes ourselves from the best ingredients, without flavour enhancers or other additives. To break up the flavours, we added spelt crispbread and vegetable breads with beets to the mix of pastes and vegetables.

Price: 220zł

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