Catering set – cheese and cured meats

The “Cheese and Cured Meats” catering set is, as the name suggests, a rich composition of high quality cheeses and cured meats along with flavour-boosting nuts, olives and fruits. In it, we have collected the most famous snacks of European cuisine, namely the best hams and matured sausages. The highlight of the set, for example, is the best brie cheese, French L’Ortolan, enriched with the addition of white Italian truffle. It is produced in only one place in the world in Charcenne in eastern France. In the composition of snacks, goat Landans with red and green pesto are also gaining popularity. The set is complemented by attractive and tasty types of bread, such as puff pastry fingers and vegetable bread with beets. An obligatory part of the cheese and cured meats board is also, of course, grapes, nuts, olives, apricots and preserves. The perfect set for a corporate meeting or an evening out with friends.

Price: 450zł

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