Special orders

Special orders in Wrocław at the highest level can be found at EPI. We are known in Wrocław for our exceptional range of our own products, made in an artisanal way and from natural ingredients. That’s more than 140 ready-made dishes and about 130 cakes, canapes and cakes, always fresh, made from scratch every day at the workshop in Bielany Wrocławskie. Our delicatessen offerings are made without flavour enhancers and artificial flavours, from the best products, with attention to the richness of nutrients. Until now, we have sold the famous “EPI’s own products” at the store on ul. Komandorska. Now we offer in-house catering, both business and personal.

EPI catering orders

For the convenience of EPI Wrocław customers, we have prepared 5 ready-made catering sets. They can be ordered:
– personally in our store
– by phone: +48 887 277 772 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
– by email: catering@epi.com.pl


We need 2 days to prepare the catering sets, so please place your orders early enough. Payment for the ordered sets is made on delivery. In exceptional situations, we reserve the right to change the components to others of the same standard, of course, after consultation with the ordering party.