New! Live oysters and scallops at EPI Wrocław delicatessen

You can now buy oysters and scallops – moreover, live and delicious in taste – at EPI Delicatessen in Wrocław. Fridays bring us the freshest seafood in the world, fished on the same day from the Little Arctic Ocean near Wrocław.

EPI Wrocław – live oysters and scallops all year round!

How is it possible to buy live oysters and scallops at EPI? Before they arrive in Wrocław, the live seafood is carefully selected in Norway and then transported to the exclusive aquatic Royal Spa in Byków near Wrocław. A Polish-Norwegian biotechnology start-up is operating there, breeding seafood in conditions that perfectly replicate the natural ones. It is a little Arctic Ocean in the heart of Europe! It is made up of experts in various fields: from chemistry, biotechnology, IT, medicine to electronics and mechanics. The reservoir of crystal-clear water operates in a closed circuit. It is therefore free of microplastics, heavy metals, pathogens and dangerous bacteria. LED lighting and advanced mollusc feeding systems mean that the Little Arctic Ocean can supply us with premium, live oysters and scallops all year round.

As a result, you can now savour the exquisite taste of royal seafood at parties, romantic dinners, get-togethers with friends… You decide which occasion you are celebrating.

King scallops at the EPI in Wrocław

On Fridays and Saturdays, you can buy live king scallops at EPI, caught especially for EPI customers in the Little Arctic Sea near Wrocław. In what form do we sell them? St James’s scallops are immersed in seawater and secured with a special clip to guarantee freshness. You will therefore transport them home in the safest possible way. As scallops need to be properly prepared before they are served, we also ensured proper education. An instructional video is available to customers at the EPI fish stand on a tablet. You will learn from it how to open, clean and serve scallops.

A unique taste of scallops from the Wrocław region

King scallops, sold in EPI’s Wrocław delicatessen, can be eaten raw. They are aromatically marine yet sweet in flavour. Plump and springy meat with a unique flavour will delight any connoisseur. In scallops, the bright orange roe also provides an unforgettable culinary experience. You can, of course, also fry and bake them, but the greatest attraction is to serve the royal molluscs raw. The low-calorie yet nutritious rarities are a valued source of protein, vitamins A, D and B12. They also contain omega-3 fatty acids, sodium, calcium, iron, selenium and zinc.

Wild Norwegian oyster domesticated near Wrocław

At EPI, you will now also get wild Norwegian oysters, which come from a caring farm near Wrocław. Some of the most valuable edible molluscs are caught the same day they arrive at EPI. This ensures that you have access in Wrocław to the freshest form of oysters. Great oysters are undoubtedly the perfect choice for a romantic dinner, an elegant party or a special gathering with loved ones. Their unique taste and elegant presentation will add a special touch to any occasion.

The firm yet plump texture means that fresh oysters from EPI literally melt in the mouth. An explosion of flavours unleashes an intense maritime aroma and a delicate saltiness. The exquisite snack is low in saturated fat and is a source of minerals and omega-3 fatty acids that support heart and nervous system health. Interestingly, just one oyster provides a week’s worth of multiple vitamins and minerals.

This type of seafood is a source of much inspiration for creative chefs and cooking enthusiasts. Oysters are ideal for creating exquisite dishes. But when the freshest ones are available, they are best served over ice with lemon juice. You can also serve them with shallot vinaigrette or experiment with different sauces and spices. With oysters available all year round at EPI Wrocław delicatessen, it’s up to you to decide how often you enjoy their flavours and create memorable dishes.