Fresh and tasty, and balanced meals at your fingertips? Yes! There is a café in Wrocław’s EPI (just inside the entrance) that opens in the morning and serves healthy salads, slow-squeezed juices, desserts, including diet ones, and even energy oatmeal. There are sandwiches, of course, although it would be fair to say that these are real variations on the sandwich theme, so many types of bread and toppings we have to make them from.


You can take it all with you on the road, to work or school. Or eat on site in our cosy café, where we serve the best coffee. At no extra charge, we can conjure up coffee drinks with a variety of additives, replacements for cow’s milk. Did you know that in our café you can order a cappuccino on pea milk?


For quick, healthy, and fresh breakfasts – visit the café at EPI Wrocław. You can take them with you on the road, to work or school, or eat them straight away on the spot, accompanied by fresh press and good coffee. From early morning, the café’s counters are laden with freshly prepared sandwiches made from a variety of breads.

High-protein salads

We take care of the high protein content! That is why in our salads (depending on the composition) you will find organic eggs, shrimp, dairy, artisanally roasted turkey meat or edamame, a source of protein for vegetarians. We combine protein-packed ingredients with the healthiest leafy vegetables.

Juices (slow pressed)

With us, you don’t have to compose them yourself to ensure an optimum dose of easily digestible vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. We prepare balanced fresh fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies for our customers and sell them on site and for takeaway in the EPI café, located right next to the shop entrance.

Ice cream

Artisan-made sorbets and dairy ice creams need no enhancers or flavour enhancers. The simple ingredients are milk, cream, fruit, nuts, and carob flour for thickening action. That’s all it takes to spoil EPI customers with fresh ice cream from classic cream to salted caramel to chocolate. Take a look at our artisanal ice cream shop and check out the flavours on offer today.


Based on balanced recipes, we have created delicacies that can be enjoyed on a ketogenic or sugar-free diet. For these and other innovations, visit the café at the EPI in Wrocław.