The largest collection of cheese in Wrocław

The largest collection of carefully selected cheeses in Wrocław awaits you at EPI. You don’t have to browse specialized stores on the Internet. For you, we bring to Wrocław a whole range of cheeses of leading varieties and species. They include European classics and rarities, as well as unique, medal-winning Lower Silesian sheep and goat cheeses. Come and see if we have your favourite cheese!

French cheeses at EPI

French cheeses available at EPI are, of course, the original brie, famous for its elegant taste, the best varieties of camembert and sheep’s milk cheese of the Roquefort variety, called the king of cheeses. The original Roquefort cheeses made in Roquefort-sur-Soulzon are modelled by many European producers, and we also have these top Roquefort cheeses on offer.

Italian cheeses at EPI

It’s impossible to list all 300 products on offer at the cheese stand at EPI, but we must highlight traditionally made Italian cheeses with the D.O.P. mark. (Denominazione d’ Origine Protetta). We have in our permanent offer regionally produced and according to the original recipe mozzarella di bufala, burrata, ricotta and mascarpone cheeses. EPI’s customers appreciate Lombard gorgonzola: young Dolce and Gorgonzola piccante, aged for a year. You come to us for properly aged, original Parmesan cheese, a staple of many Italian dishes! Various versions of Parmigiano Reggiano D.O.P. are available at EPI, with taste and price depending on the length of maturation (12-24- and 36-month). All produced according to a traditional recipe in the Emilia-Romagna region. Other popular Italian cheeses on offer include Grana Padano and sheep cheese Pecorino Romano.

European classics – fondue and cheese boards

The abundance and variety of European cheeses means that every EPI customer will find the right taste for them. Experts, working at the cheese stand, advise customers which types of cheese will be best for particular dishes. For a Swiss delicacy, namely cheese fondue, we will choose the right Ementaler or Gruyère cheeses for melting. The cheese board is already a whole range of possibilities, where the choice depends on both the number of guests and their culinary tastes. We incorporate into cheese boards, among others, Spanish Manchego, original cheddars and Maasdams, Swiss Appenzeller, the iconic Morbier cheese with a distinctive ash stripe… We will advise on how to match them to the occasion and how to combine them with wine and other accompaniments , provided for tasting. We also have a Catering Set that combines the most delicious cheeses with European cured meats and other accompaniments.

Artisanal sheep and goat cheeses in EPI Wrocław

Regional, artisanal goat and sheep cheeses are winning the hearts of EPI customers. We bring you the best goat’s and sheep’s milk products, produced in the traditional way in Lower Silesia.

Cheese good from the start

We work with exceptional cheesemakers who take care of their products from the very beginning. They raise goats and sheep in the traditional way. Animals graze on the hills among the pristine Sudeten Mountains. Their owners do not use fertilizers and pesticides because they know that good husbandry has a huge impact on the taste of food. They then make cheeses from the milk from their own animals, which they graze on meadows with a view of Śnieżka mountain, to make cheese – again according to tradition and in no hurry. This is how medal-winning ripened goat and sheep cheeses are made and served even at official receptions at the highest level.

Our people, the invaluable EPI team, have the ability to network with artisans from all over the country to create cheeses that are customized works of art. In addition to fresh and ripened goat and sheep cheeses, we import about 20 types of Korycin cheese from Podlasie. Fresh goat’s milk as well as yogurts and goat’s cottage cheese come to EPI from Polesie.

Cheese avant-garde and cheeses for the more demanding

The diversity of our offer is also created by cheeses, the taste of which is enriched by various additives. On the stand we have, among others, cheese with alpine flowers, Italian cheese with black truffle, cheeses with lavender, peppers, wine, olives, chili, nigella, jalapeno, fig, nuts, winter savoury, garlic, nettle, cumin…We do not forget about people with intolerances and those looking for low-fat products. Especially for them, we bring lactose-free and light low-fat cheeses to EPI in Wrocław. One thing you won’t buy at EPI for sure. Our store does not sell cheese with added hydrogenated vegetable fats and cheese-like products.