A novelty at EPI Wrocław – Vegan sweet potatoes

Baked vegan sweet potatoes are a great idea for a light and healthy lunch or dinner. This vegetable-based new EPI deli Wroclaw product impresses with its colours and, above all, with its delicious taste. In this new “EPI’s own product” dish, we combined the delicate sweetness of sweet potatoes with umami – the “fifth flavour” valued in dishes, often sought after by vegans and vegetarians.

Revolutionary new vegan dish in EPI Wroclaw

Umami – one of the five basic flavours that occur in foods is difficult to replicate without theuse of meats.However, we managed to get it right! In our new culinary proposal, we addedmushrooms to sweet potatoes, which have a lot of natural umami flavouring.Of course, weuse only the best mushrooms, the royal boletus, in our dish which we combined with redbeans, considered the healthiest legumes.We baked the whole thing with the addition ofthick sea salt and thyme, and finally decorate this wonderful creation with fresh, choppedchives.That’s how we have created this wonderful dish which meets the many needs of fansof a healthy diet.

Healthy, plant-based “EPI’s own product”

Our baked sweet potatoes with royal boletus mushrooms and red beans are an excellentnutritious proposition for vegans and vegetarians. Around 100 g of sweet potatoes providesalmost 100% of the daily requirement for vitamin A, due to the presence of beta-carotene,which helps to maintain healthy skin, hair, nails and eyesight. The “yellow sweet potatoes”,used in this EPI vegan dish also contain a lot of lutein, which aids in protecting human eyesfrom “free radicals” and similar conditions. It also contains large quantities of vitamin B6,necessary for the proper functioning of the brain and heart. The nutritional value of the dishis also increased by red beans, a source of valuable protein, fibres and anti-ageingphytonutrients, such as anthocyanins. The addition of royal boletus mushrooms, apart fromenriching the flavour of the dish, adds valuable phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassiumand B vitamins.

A great choice for those with diabetes

Baked sweet potatoes with royal boletus mushrooms and red beans is a dish beneficial forpeople who must watch out for their sugar level, e.g. ones with type II diabetes or low insulinresistance. Sweet potatoes by themselves have fewer calories than regular potatoes and amuch lower glycemic index, which benefits diabetics. Being a healthy source of energy(consisting mainly of carbohydrates), they release it slowly, without energy jumps which mayleave you tired at the end of the day. Being a plant rich in fibre, sweet potatoes help stabilisethe work of the intestines and provide a long-lasting feeling of satisfaction. The addition ofvaluable protein and more fibres from red beans additionally nourishes and stabilizes bloodsugar levels. So all that’s left to do is visit our delicatessen in the centre of Wrocław and try ahealthy and tasty novelty with our branded sign “EPI’s own product”. a guarantee of the bestquality.